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Scotty’s Brewhouse – Slammin’ Salmon

 My family loves Scotty’s Brewhouse and has dined here often over the years.  We love that it was owned by a local, young businessman, Scott Wise, who cared about giving back to the community, hiring employees with disabilities, and intensely personal customer service.  After a negative dining experience, Scott Wise emailed me directly. Amazing! We loved the expansive menu, hearty kids’ options, and gluten free options once I had my celiac diagnosis. I typically ordered the blackened tilapia with dirty rice and steamed broccoli.  Every time that I tested this dish with my Nima Sensor, I received a smiley face indicating that it was gluten free and safe to eat.

Unfortunately, the restaurant was sold in late 2016 and there have been some progressive changes since then with lackluster service, menu changes, etc.  However, we have continued to dine there. During my most recent visit, the blackened tilapia had been taken off of the menu. I opted to try the Slammin’ Salmon as a new option as it was listed as containing only gluten free ingredients.  It also had the fewest ingredients that could be contaminated – salmon, spices, broccoli, and rice. I tested the dish with my Nima Sensor which is a portable gluten tester.  Unfortunately, the dish tested positive for gluten.  When our server, Hailey, came by to check on us, I shared that my meal tested positive and politely handed it back to her.  Shortly thereafter, Scott, the manager, came back to the table with my plate of salmon. He asked more about my Nima Sensor, what part of the food I had tested, and he shared more about the allergy protocol that Scotty’s Brewhouse follows.  He indicated that all of the ingredients should be gluten free as long as there had not been a vendor change. In addition, he indicated that the salmon was cooked in a foil packet in a separate pan. He inquired about any false positives that I may have received in the past as he was unsure of where the gluten contamination could have occurred.  At the end of the conversation, Scott apologized and asked if he could do anything for me. I politely declined.

The salmon charge was removed from our bill, we paid, and headed home.  I was sent an e-receipt after paying which I viewed. I was caught off guard by the e-receipt which stated in all CAPS:


While celiac was misspelled, I appreciate the celiac and no gluten warning for the kitchen staff.  However, the DEATH word was a bit alarming.

The day after our visit, I received a guest relations survey from Scotty’s Brewhouse.  We receive one after each visit as we are rewards members. As I noted before, Scott Wise actually responded directly to me from his personal email address after I noted an exceptionally long wait (2+ hrs) during one past visit to his restaurant.  Upon receiving this most recent survey, I did politely share my experience including the harsh receipt wording. As of this date, I have not received any response from Scotty’s Brewhouse management…

Overall, I am left feeling disappointed as I am not sure what I can safely eat on the Scotty’s menu any longer.  In addition, I am unsure of how seriously the staff takes allergy protocol based upon the alarming receipt.


What has your celiac experience been at Scotty’s Brewhouse lately?

Scotty’s Brewhouse