Kentucky Kingdom

 Just 2 months after my celiac disease diagnosis, my husband and I decided to surprise our kiddos with an impromptu trip to Kentucky Kingdom. This would be my first time being away from home (and the safety of my kitchen and home preparations) staying in a hotel and attending an amusement park. We decided to embark upon this trip at 8pm on Friday night and planned to depart early Saturday morning to make the drive to Kentucky Kingdom. With very little time to prepare, my husband booked our hotel room while I packed our bags and scoured the Kentucky Kingdom website for allergy friendly dining options, allergy policies, etc.

Kentucky Kingdom’s website offered a Food Allergy Menu which had an allergy friendly option or two at most of their restaurants. However, due to my multiple allergies (gluten, dairy, & egg), it was hard for me to find options that did not include at least one of these allergens. No outside food or coolers are allowed. I called the customer service number at Kentucky Kingdom (502) 813-8200) and spoke with a helpful attendant who shared that Kentucky Kingdom does offer an orange allergy wristband for attendees with allergies.* No doctor note is needed. Upon arrival at Kentucky Kingdom, I simply had to request the orange allergy wristband, and I was allowed to bring in a small cooler. In the cooler, I had pre-packed homemade salads, GF tortilla chips, veggies, and hummus. This allowed me to dine with my kiddos all day without the worry of becoming sick. I stored the small cooler in a locker while we toured the park for the day. I was able to use the fridge at the hotel to hold additional perishable food items for me to consume on day 2 at Kentucky Kingdom as well.

I appreciate that Kentucky Kingdom is making strides in offering allergy friendly options across its amusement park and has policies in place to help those of us with extensive allergy concerns. This allowed my first celiac trip to be a success!

*Please double check with the venue to determine their most up-to-date food allergy rules before planning your trip.

Kentucky Kingdom

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