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Burger Study Indianapolis

Prior to the Taylor Swift concert in Indianapolis this weekend, I grabbed dinner at Burger Study in downtown Indy – just a few steps from the concert venue.  Burger Study is a companion restaurant to another local favorite, St. Elmo Steak House.  Burger Study is known for its high-end and creative burger choices. In addition, they also offer other types of sandwiches, salads, and a full bar.  

This was my second visit to Burger Study, and I truly appreciate their allergy protocol.  When you share that you have an allergy, the waiter or waitress utilizes a specialty order taking notepad to notate your order in detail.  Then, a manager visits your table to personally review your allergy, dietary needs, and the restaurant’s steps to keep your food safe. Burger Study offers a separate prep area for allergy orders, has gluten free and vegan bun options, and separate gluten free fries.  Once your order is complete, it is then brought to the table by a manager.

For this visit, I sampled the Espanol Burger with guacamole (minus the cheese and mayo due to my dairy allergy) with the gluten free bun and fries.  

Have you tried Burger Study?  What was your experience like?  What is your favorite entree item?

Burger Study
28 W. Georgia Street, Indianapolis, IN 46225